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Strength of the Wolf (The Tameness of the Wolf, #2) - Kendall McKenna This wasn't what I expected. It wasn't bad per se but it wasn't what I was looking forward to either.
There was a lot sex. So much that it almost felt like filler. There was a line that was repeated so often that I started to play a game in my head. Whenever there was a sex scene at the end of the paragraph I would say 'and he pulled away from the kiss with a smack'. It was literally in every sex scene.
The growth of Jeremy was 'behind the scenes'. I would have like to see more of his maturing. Instead I was told he seemed and acted better. There was no relationship details of Jeremy's family. None. He was cast out but, I am guessing here, his family stayed within the pack he was cast from?? I would like to have known a little more about Jeremy.

Tim didn't seem to me to be the same person he was in Strength of the Pack. Obviously he is going to somewhat different because it's his story however he was so intuitive and helpful in SotP and he almost seemed lost at the beginning of this story. I was thinking he would have been the one being leader here. Everytime Tim said 'what the fuck' because he didn't understand what Jeremy was doing/experiencing it felt false.

The ending 'battle'.
Jeremy had to fight the old alpha to take his rightful place. This whole scene was confusing. The 'trials' were not explained. What were the trials? There was some info that stated the trials were like a verbal quiz but that's all I got. So Jeremy and the old alpha do the 'were' version of Jeopardy and guess what the old alpha wont concede the fight. (Cause that would have been he only way Jeremy would win is if the old alpha says, wow I did not know that, you win).
Then, because EVERYONE knew the old alpha was going to cheat, all the wolves get involved. Then the wolf fights and I had no idea which wolf belonged to who. If the old alpha was such a rotten bastard I can hardly believe there wasn't some ancient wolf rule that would make the guy/wolf go the hell away.
Then because it had to happen, I guess, Jeremy gets to design the war memorial (and still no parents/family to celebrate and he's the new alpha). I am sure Jeremy is just an awesome architect but that just seemed too much.

I will read the next one, no doubt. I so hope this was just a one off because in order to move the story along we needed this one first. And I am ok with that however I can't tell I am not disappointed.