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Pickup Men - L.C. Chase 2.5 stars
It wasn't bad. The writing is well done.
I am not sure why Marty and Tripp were in love. All I learned of was clandestine nights and aborted mornings. (Like others I was more interested with what might happen with Eric and Bridge.)
I didn't really dislike Tripp or Marty. I also didn't like either of them. Where is all fell for me was closer to the end. It was the hospital scene then the subsequent 'intervention' that totally lost me. It wasn't what Tripp said that got to me. That made sense really. It was Marty's reaction and then subsequent choices that lost me. The story that follows jumps so far from where Tripp and Marty were to where they end up. There was a lot that happened that was off scene that probably should have been shown. The disconnect was jarring.

My other issue was the sex scenes. OK so I have found a pet peeve that just jumped out with this story. It bothers me when the internal words used to describe a lover, a feeling or a thought don't match the words the character uses to speak or even general internal thoughts.
I will probably check out the next book if it's about Eric and Bridge or hell even Scott. That would one hellava story.
So, yeah thinking about other characters with more interest probably isn't the best end result here.