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If we are all made in God's image, does that mean God is gender fluid.....

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Never a Hero - Marie Sexton
This story had some really good parts however the parts that didn't seem to gel weighted the story down. After Owen finds out Nick is HIV positive Owen backs off completely. It is about 2 weeks later, even with still seeing Nick, that Nicks sister finally asks what's going on. The few words she says to Owen is apparently enough for Owen to talk with Nick. It seemed clipped and out of nowhere since they didn't follow with his internal monologue. It just seemed an abrupt change of mindset. Not that what she said wasn't true but it didn't seem that profound.

The other part that bothered me was Nick was vehement that he didn't want to have a sexual relationship. Whether he reasons are justified or not, I didn't like the way Owen just seemed to force himself on Nick. There wasn't a conversation that lead up to any sexual relations. Owen would have a mental breakdown or whatever and then show up at Nicks and literally jump him. This seemed out of character and well not very nice. Especially knowing that Nick would feel guilt in the aftermath.

Also, it is apparent that Nathan is next in line for a story. His involvement wasn't fake per se, but again as shy as Owen was and for as long as he absent from interacting with others, I find it hard to believe he would reach out after having met someone just once. Nathan was pulled into the story but not with any real purpose. Yeah they became friends, yada yada yada but Owens spent way more time with Nicks sister. She could have been that soundboard.

Owens parents are another story altogether. I don't know whether to comment on them or not. Lets just say 'argh' really? After 35 year this is what flips old Dad? Not believable to me. After all I learned about Owens mom and his Dad. I would have thought as soon as Owen was 18, Dad would have been outta there with no more than 'screw you lady'.