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If we are all made in God's image, does that mean God is gender fluid.....

I love my family, I love my friends, I love all kinds of music however I am addicted to my books. I love reading. I love romance. I love angst.

An Unexpected Magick - M.L. Rhodes Ummm Hi, this is the minority. I was 'happy happy joy joy' to get back to the Draegan Lords. However, for as much as I was excited to return and to return to Wes and Wens' story, it didn't work for me.
There were multiple spelling errors. The situation that spurred Wen to follow Wes to finally talk seemed flimsy. There was a lot of angst going on with Wen, the capitulation didn't ring true. The sex scenes were boring and the dialogue during sex was awful, really. I kept cringing. I just didn't care for their story and it didn't match up with the small scene in The Fires of Ballion. I would have thought by then they would have let everyone know they were a couple. However when Gaige finds them its with surprise. I would think someone would have figured that out between this story and FOB since in FOB they are at the Draegon Castle by then. Too many questions and holes.