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Rapture - J.R. Ward 2.5 stars

If this is a precursor to what to expect with Quinn and Blays' book.... Man I so don't want say it, but damn. I'm not going to say it. I'll wait...

Before you read the spoiler area where the issues I had are being kept I will say the 2.5 stars was because this was a good story. It was the ending that blew chunkies. I liked Mels and Matthias, however his about face from evil incarnate was almost hard to wrap my head around Not to say the love of a good woman isn't worthwhile but it seemed that was the ONLY reason he changed. Would have been nice to see him want to be a better person, just cause. I felt like this was a good mystery. I missed the angels, Nigel and Collin. And we got confirmation on Dog. :) Mels was a strong woman who wasn't bitchy and she felt a little reminiscent of Beth to me. (Beth was always one of my favorites, if not The Favorite)
I really enjoyed Mels emotional journey because she worked throughher issues and she owned the change.
The relationship between Jim and Devina, man that is messed up!
I missed Eddie.

Now the bad
If you are a Wellsie fan or even a Jane fan (Yes there are some out there) you are gonna be pissed! I was. I mean come on, Wellsie and Jane were actually good people but one didn't get to come back (in fact she got stuck in some shit middle plane existence with her unborn child, no less) and the other got to come back as a f-ing ghost. WTF? Free will my ass. Maybe the people who get to go to the fade are in a lower class than the humans. There is a lack of definition or boundaries or maybe someone is just making up as they go along....I fear the last has more truth than the others). Also, it feels like Adrian and Eddie are going to end up with a Vishous/Butch sitch. Lots of peoples including myself thought Vishous and Butch should be together but then no go, everything went vagina.

I am still wanting for the Lover At Last.... I am excited and nervous about this book. I am fearful this is where J.R. Ward jumps the shark. I hope not.