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If we are all made in God's image, does that mean God is gender fluid.....

I love my family, I love my friends, I love all kinds of music however I am addicted to my books. I love reading. I love romance. I love angst.

Vinnie's Ghost - Adrianna Dane Actually I am going to say 3.5 stars. It would have been a solid 4 or maybe 4.5 stars but the ending dragged. It felt like the end was right there and I expected to see the Adrianna Dane info author business on the next page. Nope there's another chapter. I think the info in the subsequent chapters/paragraph could have been weaved better. Why am I going through all this for a 3.5 star read? Because had the ending been handled better I really think this could have been a really good read. I didn't realize how much momentum you can loose with a stringy ending.