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If we are all made in God's image, does that mean God is gender fluid.....

I love my family, I love my friends, I love all kinds of music however I am addicted to my books. I love reading. I love romance. I love angst.

Aiden's Luck - Con Riley Aidan's Luck is not as good as After Ben but it isn't as bad as Saving Sean. (Personally for me)

I read some of the reviews. It was almost split 50/50 for awesome and I think I am done with the series.

This one will keep me hanging until the next installment if there is one.

Personally I can see the damage that Aiden inflicted on himself and Marco wasn't nearly as annoying as he was in Saving Sean (was about to strangle that Italian in Saving Sean).

Marco isn't spared his own personal crisis and due to his faith and devotion in Aiden, Aiden is able to reciprocate for Marco. It was a lot of give and take and I liked that about this story. The issues with the family seemed real and honest.

Why didn't this book get more than 3 stars? Well I'd like to tell you specifics but I just can't seem to get the words to make sense in my head. So basics, I don't think I really bonded with either MC. Most of the story was told in the past tense. That got old. I would have a like a little more 'in the now' scenes/dialogue. Aiden, who was in the closet, kind of fell out with ease. I would have thought there would have been a little more difficulty there.

If you have had a time in your life where you felt the weight of the world and your family on your shoulders, I think you may like this story. It's message is clear, let others in, they want to help.