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If we are all made in God's image, does that mean God is gender fluid.....

I love my family, I love my friends, I love all kinds of music however I am addicted to my books. I love reading. I love romance. I love angst.

Home Work (Life Lessons, #3) - Kaje Harper Oh my goodness how in the world does Kaje Harper do it! What a just generally awesome/wonderful read! I love Mac, Tony, Ben and Anna. The best part, for me, with Kaje Harper, everything in this series feels real. Like my friend could call and tell me a story and it feel that real. Likes its right down the street. Its amazing. I don't cry at books (ok, whatever maybe 3 books) anywho I did't cry at this one but I am telling you now I was close. How did that happen oh cold hearted Amy? Well it's hard to say but I got verklempt over what happened in the story (no spoilers). It was a different sort of verklempt like I needed to head to the hospital too! Just weird freaking weird! Thank you baby Jebus I love weird and I love Kaje Harper and I love that there is probably another book coming, Yahfuckinghooooo .

haha ok a little spoiler but don't read if you don't really really wanna know....