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I love my family, I love my friends, I love all kinds of music however I am addicted to my books. I love reading. I love romance. I love angst.

Soul Magic (Triad, #3) - Poppy Dennison It was ok.
The story for Liam and Cormac was so back burner it should have been in the next door neighbor's kitchen. Understandably, there was a greater story line here that needs to be told however, in doing so Liam and Cormac, I think, were totally slighted. I would have liked to see them begin/build a relationship or hell a friendship.
They went from Liam giving blood to Cormac and Cormac giving a hand job. Then Cormac, internal monologue, decides to stay away from Liam for some unknown reason?? And then Liam is escorting Cormac to get blood from unknown someone at a club and all the sudden Liam is Mr. Possessive of Cormac. Then they had sex. Then all hell breaks loose and Liam tells Cormac he can't live without him! Wait, what, they've had sex, I didn't see the friendship/relationship happening and all the sudden one can't live without the other? Really? Literally sex, story line of Simon and Grey, then some Simon and Grey with kids and just a smidgen of Simon and Grey with others and then we get Liam making Cormac swear he'll come back. Really, Liam and Cormac should have been shelved and this should have been Simon and Grey part deux. It probably would have been a better story.

The ending was ok if you were all about Simon and Grey and their kids. You got to know where Cade and Rocky end up and Simon and Grey, did I mention them? And then a little of Liam and Cormac which which was perfect considering the rest of the story.