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If we are all made in God's image, does that mean God is gender fluid.....

I love my family, I love my friends, I love all kinds of music however I am addicted to my books. I love reading. I love romance. I love angst.

Brute - Kim Fielding Could have have been a really good story. Maybe even a great short story.
Alas, I found my self skipping the same internal monologue through out the book. Brute is Brute the first third of the story then he is Aric then oddly enough he is Brute again and then Aric. I can understand the first change however the rest just became confusing. I like my smut, no lie, but I would rather that a sex scene between to MC's than one MC and a whore. There were lead ups to sex between the MC's, then sweaty snuggling. But I got the whole shebang with the whore. HUN?
Also Brute is guarding Grey and no one comes to check on them in an entire year? Apparently they were paying Brute a load of money I would think someone would 'come on down and say Hey!'
Brute is 7'6" and Grey is a normal size (and blind and barefoot) and Grey pulls Brute from a house on fire? Just makes no sense.
And don't get me started on the fact that Grey removed his own eyeballs...