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Blood Red Butterfly - Josh Lanyon Well, don't I look like a fool. I rated this book as 2 stars AND I left a review! However, when I was going through my stuffs, I realized there was no review attached.
So, here is as close to the original review I wrote the first time. (that got lost in the Cloud)

I love Josh Lanyon stories/books. Have I read everything he has written, no. Why, because I generally try to read books that interest me . So I read the blurb to Blood Red Butterfly and it interested me.
I read the book.
My biggest issue was the similarities I found between BRB and Dirty Kiss by Rhys Ford. Are they identical no, no way. However there was enough that I felt like I had already read this book. The MC's are ok. I wasn't in-like with either. The story was ok. Ryo was definitely stalking and I didn't know how I felt about that. Kai was kind of a bitch and I didn't really see any redeeming qualities that I could hold on to. The ending was odd. I felt like I was watching a drama with lingering mobster lines and then the end just jumps into Die Hard.
The part that was needle/camel-back was the Epilogue. Here is where I found a new pet peeve of mine. Long separation of MC's and then coming back together as of it had been a week and not a year apart. (I have been around the block. Years have gone turtle slow and rabbit fast for me however, any of those years have had LOTS of happenings. Not one of my years hasn't changed me in some profound way.) I find it just too hard to believe that two people can be apart for a year or more (try 7 years in another book I read) and then all the sudden they are like 'hey, hold my hand, come home with me, nothing has changed'.
It wasn't the epilogue that knocked the rating down for me. I can separate my like/dislike from the actual story. It wasn't the 'gettin jiggy with it' which is a part I actually liked. I don't want all of Josh Lanyons characters to be Adrian English (although I won't say I wouldn't be beyond happy to have more Adrien with an 'E')
It was kind of the whole thing really.
Does this put my off Josh Lanyon, hell to the no. Is he still an automatic buy, yes. I have to say I am somewhat relieved to leave this review. It makes Josh Lanyon all the more human to me. I have this urge to go read the stories I wasn't interested in before. Why now? Not a clue really, although I am sure I'll figure it out.

As a side note. The cover art for this book was done by Josh Lanyons' niece presumably who is still in High School. What a tremendous job she did! I absolutely adore this cover.