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A Marked Man (Assassin/Shifter,  #1) - Sandrine Gasq-Dion

I didn't get to the anal beads. And I can't say I am upset about that. This book felt like someone edited part of the relationship out the story. First off Riley is the mark and Mateo is set to kill him. Then out of nowhere Mateo calls his boss, someone shoots at Mateo, then his boss Derek(apparently the same guy who told him to kill Riley) tells Mateo to get the 'package'(Riley) and run. In a few sentences and with no info the mark became the witness to protect. Literally.

Getting his cell phone out, he dialed Derek.
The phone rang four times before Derek’s voice came
over the line.
“Hey Mat, how’s your vacation?”
Mateo froze. “I>MatRm working.”
A puff of air whizzed by Mateo’s ear, leaving a trail of
heat behind it. Mateo rolled to the side trying to find
cover. “Fuck! I’m being shot at!”
More bullets reigned down just mere inches from his
position, and Mateo closed his eyes listening to the
sound and where it was coming from.
“Jesus Christ Mateo, get the fuck out of there and grab
the package!”
He lunged for his briefcase and opened the roof door
propelling his body into the stairwell. “Mother fucker!”
Mateo ran down the steps three at a time. “I’m going
now, I’ll call when I have the package and we’re safe.”
Mateo hung up and flew out of the building. Across the
way, exiting for his morning coffee was an oblivious Riley
Flynn. Mateo ran across the street and right into Riley,
knocking his briefcase out of his hands. There was a
loud “umph” from Riley and then the plaster behind them
cracked open.

When I say missing dialogue, I mean where in that did Mateo say to his boss 'hey I don't think this hit is righteous and we need to check some stuff' and Derek, the boss, says 'hey I trust your judgement so lets hold off' and then Mateo says 'hey oh shit I'm being shot at!' and Derek, the boss, says 'hey get out of there' and somewhere after Mateo gets safe, Mateo and Derek decide to get Riley to a safe place cause shit aint right. And I am sure the only reason, to me at least, that Riley was being shot at is because Mateo ran right for him. And alas the bullet followed.

Again did the editor take out some of what was suppose to be said? This type of minimalistic dialogue continued until I stopped reading. I have small children at home and they don't need to hear that kind of language.